Amazee loves to dream. “If only my dreams could come true!” she sighed. The idea comes to her that her dreams can come true if she simply follows them. But soon she finds her journey is filled with twists and turns, disappointment and hope.

Readers of all ages will love this delightfully playful yet deeply inspiring children’s story by MJ Clements. Where will Amazee’s dreams lead her and will she find what she hopes for? Discover your own inspiration to dream along with Amazee in, And Dream She Would.

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If you’ve read the playful children’s book, And Dream She Would, you have met author MJ Clements in some small way. As her character Amazee enthusiastically follows her dreams, it reflects the adventuresome spirit of MJ. “When my two children were young, I traveled to Wisconsin, spending time at Clown Camp on the LaCrosse Campus of Viterbo University. It was one of my greatest privileges to be under the leadership of London’s well known mime artist, Nola Rae.” As an avid gymnast, MJ has also been an instructor for most of her adult life. Gymnastics gave her independence, developing her own programs. “ I loved working with little ones…their imagination is incredible. I especially love seeing their accomplishments.”      

A travel enthusiast, MJ has had ‘the travel bug’ since her first trip to Texas with her mom. She and her husband, Todd, trekked all over New England and parts of the south. She saw her first glimpse of buffalo and desert life on a trip to the Badlands, got ‘up close and personal’ with a reef shark, explored the Bahamas, Mexico and the island of Cozumel. “We snorkeled just about everyday and saw ruins—and so many Iguanas! I loved venturing into the ‘cenotes’ (underwater caves)—we even ate at a restaurant inside one of the caves.” Her adventures don’t end there, she has also swung from a trapeze, parasailed, zip lined over the jungle canopy 6,000 feet above sea level and seen (or heard) countless exotic wildlife. She continues to pursue her passions by writing stories for children of incredible adventures. 

When MJ is not exploring the world around her, her world revolves around her family. “My grandchildren are the light of my life, they are an integral part of my inspiration to write. I look forward to seeing them grow; to listen to their heart as their imagination ignites and to hear their own dreams. I’m excited to see what their imprint in this world will be and to watch their adventures unfold.”

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