“Trapped in the midst of the battlefield, the young girl noticed the Beastkin standing ominously before her. Fear grew within her as did the sound of her beating heart. Louder and louder her heart pounded, nearly drowning out the battle that surrounded her.

The Beastkin’s head shifted back and forth, as if he could hear her pulsing blood until his gaze finally fell upon her.

“What I am to do?” She panicked. Suddenly, blood splashed upon her face, stinging her eyes and blurring her vision. Could it be Mother’s or Father’s? Could it be from the Paladin or the warriors? It didn’t matter now, for this tiny splash of blood broke any dash of courage she had left in her.

Screaming as loud as she could, she covered her head as the Beastkin snarled a menacing howl in response and leaped towards her.”


Blood Remnant, Paladin of Khaee, Book I is an exhilarating fantasy tale from Gabriel Chen, who takes you on a journey of fear and faith, of tragedy and triumph as the Da’Khaee face inhalation from dark forces. Can an intuitive sickly young girl and her warrior hero avoid destruction and bring hope to all the races? Find out in this griping fantasy epic, the first installment in the Blood Remnant series.

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Husband, father, entrepreneur and Jesus lover—Gabriel Chen has been writing and publishing novels since the age of twelve in his native country of Taiwan. After his life became what he describes as ‘a mess,’ Jesus showed up. Gabriel now dedicates his writing and attributes his creative ideas to divine inspiration, which led him to develop Worship with Dragon Academic, a writing community dedicated to helping writers learn and grow in Christ and write with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gabriel Chen

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