I’d been dwindling away slowly, falling down a rabbit hole, and didn’t know it. I endured the pain from surgeries and treatments, but not the pain of feeling guilty, worthless, helpless—I wanted out! My mind went back to that day in the doctor’s office. “Sherra, I don’t have the best news.” It was cancer. Now here I was in the middle of chemotherapy and a daily fight for my life. Medications no longer worked, and my medicine cabinet looked like a pharmacy. There’s a pill for everything—even for the side effects of the other pills! But where is the pill that gives me hope? Tears flowed as I raised my head to look out the kitchen window. Then I saw it—my beautiful desert rose in full bloom! I realized at that moment, God was speaking to me. 

That plant never bloomed before. I had tried everything, but to no avail. Now there it was, so beautiful! Is this my sign from God? Is this my pill of hope? If that seemingly dead plant can bloom again, then maybe there is hope for me…” 

Sherra Stevanus chronicles her courageous journey with poignant humor after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her journey from despair to hope, from cancer to healing, to being Boobless and Beautiful


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Native Floridian Sherra Stevanus’ outgoing nature and fighting spirit give her a deep connection to people and animals. This strong will to do more than survive leads her to step outside her comfort zone and pen her story in hopes of encouraging others faced with a healing battle. When she not inspiring others, she is continually making memories in every moment with her husband, family, and friends, and modeling the importance of a positive mindset that empowers, enlightens, and encourages those around her.

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