Passion. Desires. Dreams. You thought these would be enough to take you where you know you should be, but you feel like you’ve fallen short. You’ve heard the statistics—that most businesses fail. You can’t see a way around the money issues and can’t come to terms with putting your loved ones through financial turmoil. Maybe you’ve already tried and failed, but that spark to solve a problem nobody else is addressing, that burn to make an impact, is quietly urging you on. Is this it? Are you doomed to ache for more and forced to settle for less?


There is another path. It’s a spiritual path, and in her ground-breaking book, Noelle Schwantes shares how she discovered it. In her fifteen-year struggle to fix her relationship with money, she saw her clients struggle in the same ways. No financial guru, budget, or envelope system addressed the emotional pain that fueled bad financial decisions. Until she dealt with the core issue, finances kept her from her dreams. A frustrated prayer of surrender finally began a journey that shifted everything. Isn’t it about time for you to Change Your $tory?

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Today, successful therapist Noelle Schwantes is living her purpose: helping women discover entrepreneurship and enabling them to move into their dreams, fearlessly. But it was her compulsive spending habits and nightmare relationship with money that drove her to find the answer to living victoriously, no matter how much money was in the bank. Her amazing discoveries are unveiled in her book, Change Your $tory, and it will change your life!


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