“I just can’t go on.” I said to God, like a woman in the final throws of labor. 

I began binge watching my favorite television shows and eating, just to numb the pain. I had been going through this Wilderness season and as I headed towards the end of my 14-year journey, I doubted whether I had the strength to “cross over.” The Crossing Over season is intense as the trials become more severe, and it has taken out many strong believers. But don’t stop now! Keep going and it will produce an expansion to birth your dreams, and the character to withstand the pressure once you have come into your Promised Land. 

“Do you trust Me?” God whispers to our hearts. 

“Yes, Lord, I chose to trust You.” is our response.  

What God has coming in your future is amazing. The enemy has overplayed his hand, and God is about to bring you into a fulfillment of all the promises He has given you, as you as you take your first step in Crossing Over the Jordan. 



Producer and host of the Wilderness Season podcast, Sherry Ward knows firsthand what a Wilderness Season is all about. With her 14-year-journey in the Wilderness, and 25 years of experience as a professor and educator, she is uniquely qualified to bring hope and healing to those who are discouraged and feel like giving up. Sherrys personal experience, eclectic background in business and education, along with a M.A. in Counseling, serve her well to equip others for their journey out of the Wilderness and Crossing Over season. She is the founder and CEO of Square Tree Publishing, and has been featured on Good Morning AmericaThe Home & Family Show, and media all over the world.  

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