Working as a pediatrician and 16 hours days finally took its toll on me. I was exhausted, tired, and didn’t have the energy to keep going. Something was not right. Soon it was hard to even get out of bed.

My patients were not getting the best of me and my body was shutting down.

What was happening?

Burn Out!

The dreaded “B” word for medical professionals.

Are you a doctor who is tired, frustrated, and feeling helpless about…

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Dr. Stefania Lima or Dr. PJ’s, is a board certified Pediatrician and a Certified Physician Executive. Her mission is to assist burned out healthcare professionals to find joy in their careers and to empower and teach them how to successfully leave clinical medicine if so desired.

Five years ago, she was a tired, frustrated, burned out doctor. By transitioning into a non-clinical role she has found a new purpose and was able to contribute in a much larger scale to the medical field. Dr. Lima is a knowledgeable medical coach that advices other doctors and gives them invaluable tools on making the transition into new medical careers.


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