“Merlin…Merlin!” Elanor desperately called out, reaching to him. Like a ghost she
stood across the chasm, her arms outstretched and her raven black hair blowing behind her in
the wildness of the wind.
“Please, Elanor!” Merlin cried out. “Elanor!”
He couldn’t lose her this time. This time he would reach her. This time he would grip her
hands and not let go. The wind tore violently between them, like an angry beast threatening to
separate them…
Merlin was all Elanor could think of since her strange dreams had begun. She kept
reminding herself that he was not real. He was just a dream. However, it didn’t feel like a dream, and thoughts of him never left her mind. She mused on this as she walked the few blocks to the bookstore. The bell on the door jingled as she entered and headed to the back shelves that held the fiction books. An older gentleman stood nearby, scanning the pages of a  book he held in his hands, King Arthur and His Knights. “Elanor.” The old man’s voice stopped her cold. Her heart raced as she slowly turned to face him. “How do you know my name…”
Magic, intrigue, and even King Arthur himself converge in this epic historical fantasy by Angela R. Hughes. Will the insidious dark shadow Elanor uncovers leave death and devastation throughout the land? Join Elanor on her journey to find her true identity and the power that lie within her in The Once and Future Chronicles, Book I: Elanor and the Song of the Bard.
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Author Bio

Historical epic fantasy author Angela R. Hughes believes in the power of storytelling.
Her ambition to write stories that grip and inspire readers led her to study Celtic mythology and live for a time in Ireland, where she fell in love with the history and landscapes of “the Emerald Isle,” Wales, Scotland, and England. When she isn’t traveling or researching Arthurian legend, Angela is chatting with fellow fantasy nerds over coffee or spending time with her family at home in Waco, Texas.

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