Faith Leads the Way is my journal and book on the belief and existence of God’s love and faithfulness. After being diagnosed with the terminal illness of Lupus SLE and Thyroid Cancer, I quickly realized that my only hope for peace and healing was to lean upon my Christian foundation. While struggling to recover from Lupus flares, I began to journal significant past and present experiences that impacted my faith and focused on seeking God’s unfailing love and healing. One of the greatest gifts in this life is the gift of knowledge. It’s how you choose to benefit from each experience that counts. I have chosen to share a part of my life’s journey to help empower individuals to push forward daily through biblical principles and promises that kept my family motivated and encouraged. Life will always throw challenges, and being a Christian doesn’t mean life will be picture-perfect or that you did something wrong to deserve any hardship. Being a Christian allows Faith to Lead the Way.

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Yvette Salinas holds a Bachelor of Theological Studies from Vision International University, is a graduate of Good Shepherd Ministries International School of Ministry, as well as a Cottonwood Christian Center School of Ministry graduate. She is the founder of Juicy Fruits Ministry, a vision dedicated to strengthening and supporting families through recreational programs and mentoring. Her vision of ministry was birthed by the struggles she faced while battling Lupus SLE, a life-threatening autoimmune disease that had already claimed the lives of two family members. Facing a barrage of health, financial and family crisis’ it was her Aunt’s last words that would remind her to, “Never give-up on yourself – and most of all on God.” Yvette’s incredible story of healing and God’s unchanging love unfold in her story as Faith Leads the Way through many acts of kindness, visions, and miracles. Yvette has a heart to see families receive assistance and encouragement as they face life’s struggles and plans to see her vision of a “Fruit of the Vine House of Restoration Center” become available in her community.

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