“Hello Mr. Tree. Do you remember me?” Shari whispered. “I was little girl when you knew me as a slave, but I just wanted to let you know…I’m free now!” Sold as a slave when she was only seven years old, Shari Ho endured much physical and emotional abuse until she got free twenty years later. Little did Shari realize the media fire storm her story would ignite. She would become a beacon of hope to a whole new generation, both locally and abroad, when she was the focus of the CNN Freedom Report that made headlines all around the word. Her harrowing story is chronicled in the book, My Name is Also Freedom. Finding Freedom was Just the Beginning is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her book. This four-and a half-year journey includes the backstories, miracles, and God-stories that happened along the way—amazing stories of God’s providence intersecting with sheer faith —keeping you on the edge of your seat.

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AUTHOR BIO – Sherry Ward

Author of A Journey Out of the Wilderness, and Grieving Moms, Finding Hope, Sherry Ward has been a building contractor, educator, and writer. Sherry is the founder and CEO of Square Tree Publishing where she takes on social justice issues, including human trafficking, with a heart of passion. Never letting the ‘grass grow green very long under her feet,’ she looks forward to her next big God-adventure—one that will stretch around the world!


Shari Ho is a speaker, advocate, and leader of a human trafficking survivor’s group through the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force. She is currently a student at a local Kumon Reading Center to learn how to read and write.

Shari’s autobiography, My Name Is Also Freedom released in January 2019, has already secured an international foreign rights deal with a publisher in Taiwan. Shari Ho’s book details her brave journey and her desire to help others find freedom.

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