“Suddenly, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my mother lying on the floor in the living room, surrounded by a puddle of blood. She had been shot… Dad had disappeared and the world seemed a blank except for me calling, “Mom! Mom!” Her body, not moving at all. I called her name over and over until the tears blocked my vision. That image, seared into my brain after all of these years, still has the same effect on me today as it did back then. That image… I can never erase from my mind. Things were different after that…I was different.”

Anthony Brown’s dramatic life story has led him to many dark and often dangerous places. Addicted to drugs and alcohol since he was very young…

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Anthony Brown is the founder and director of Coordinating & Assisting Recovery Environments (C.A.R.E.), located in Anaheim, California. Since 1999, Anthony’s passion is providing specialized treatment for individuals who suffer with mental illness combined with a substance use disorder. With a B.S. in Nursingfrom California State University Fullerton, Anthony developed and directed a long-term residential treatment model, which has fueled his dream to open a home for those who have suffered from the disease of addiction and mental illness. He currently enjoys living every moment of his amazing life.


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