When an evil sword of great power appeared in the Shadowlands, the fates of many would be determined as the wicked blade transformed them into what they could never have imagined. With the explosion of this vicious sword, its small shards dispersed far and wide over the Shadowlands. As the shards were discovered, one by one, they craved chaos in the darkened hearts of those who unexpectedly found them. Now, its dormant evil lies in wait to be fully reborn. This was only the beginning of the Chaotic Order, the birth of the Genesis of Chaos…

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J.D. Fisher’s unique storytelling ability catapults readers into his amazing world of
fantasy. Through his skillful supernatural worldbuilding, his stories and lively characters
are hard to leave behind. Inspired by his days of fantasy role-playing with his brother in
the style of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, he continues to pursue his fascination with
allegory and mystery through his novels. J.D. loves living in sunny Southern California
with his wonderful wife and three amazing children.



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