Imagine a truly magical emerald kingdom where a beautiful princess lives in a bright pink castle upon a hill. She is loved and served by all her devoted villagers and life couldn’t be more perfect, for everything about the princess seemed perfect… except for one thing.

Something wasn’t quite right, something gnawed at her deep inside- something was surely missing. Will the princess discover the mysterious missing piece and bring hope to the Kingdom? Or will she find only heartache in her search and feel lost forever? Join the royal quest to help the princess find the Heart of the Kingdom in this real-life fairytale written by Amy Sun and beautifully illustrated by Ed Koehler.

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After completing her BA in Christian Education from Arizona Christian University, Amy Sun’s passion to teach children lead her to South Korea, Kazakhstan, India and Austria, to serve as a missionary school teacher, giving her a cross-cultural experience, and uniquely equipping her to develop a Christian worldview in the minds of her students. Now as a Director of Women’s Mentorship and Childhood Development Specialist for Legacy Family Ministries, Amy calls Phoenix, Arizona, her home where she has raised her three wonderful teenage children to love and follow Jesus.

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