The true story of the young human trafficking survivor who made international headlines. News that a Taiwanese woman who was forced into domestic servitude in the U.S….made headlines around the nation, and has led…to wide coverage in local media.” —China Post, November 29, 2011″[This] story of abuse [has] sparked a media storm in Taiwan…”—CNN, November, 2011 “Get in the car!” A beat-up looking sedan sat on the side of the road, waiting. “I said, let’s go!” Running down the beautiful mountainside I called home, I crawled into the backseat of the car. I had no idea this would be the last time I’d see my family or home again. I would never play with my sisters again, never hear my mama call, “Lunlun, the rice is ready!” “Wrenched from her life in a remote, mountain region in Taiwan, Shari Ho was just seven years old when she was lost to the brutal world of human trafficking. For 20 years, she was forced to cook, clean…work without pay. She was kicked, slapped, and fed spoiled and leftover food in a kitchen where the refrigerator door was kept locked [with a chain].” —Orange County Register, January 15, 2019 Shari Ho was sold by her family and forced into a life of slavery and abuse for decades. Finding her way to the United States, her story became the subject of CNN’s Freedom Project. The media frenzy led Shari to find her family and discover the powerful voice inside her. She tells her amazing story in the book, My Name Is Also Freedom, author and educator Melodie Fox has spent 30 years inspiring young people to explore and learn from the world around them. Her dedication to Shari’s story led her to the nation of Taiwan and to speak out on behalf of human trafficking survivors everywhere.

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Sold as a slave by her father when she was just seven years old, Shari Ho was a victim of human trafficking in her native tribal village in Taiwan. Prevented from attending school or having any contact with the outside world, Shari would grow up away from her family never learning to read or write or even knowing her real birthday. Through a series of events, she finds herself living in the United States where she is befriended by an elderly lady who provides the opportunity to escape. When Shari becomes the focus of a CNN Freedom Report, her incredible story makes headlines all over the world, causing a media firestorm in her native Taiwan.

Shari’s autobiography, My Name Is Also Freedom released in January 2019, has already secured an international foreign rights deal with a publisher in Taiwan. Shari Ho’s book details her brave journey and her desire to help others find freedom.

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