Gillafti, the dark sword of power forged by Draknus in the ethereal realm, materialized in Lindoria through the Great Wave —a world-changing event which created the fallen races. Although Gillafti has remained dormant, its desire for rebirth resonates within its discarded crystal shards to any who use them, fulfilling the sword’s wishes. As the shards are slowly discovered, an insatiable desire for destruction and chaos darkened the hearts of those who possess them, transforming them into Servants of Chaos. J.D. Fisher’s next book in his fantasy series delves into the darker side of ourselves, leaving just enough room for hope.

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J.D. Fisher has always been an adventurer at heart. This Southern Californian surfer dreamed of being a fighter pilot but this love of exploring exciting new worlds led him to create his own in a series of fantasy novels including, Genesis of ChaosSlaves of Swords, Surge of Shadows and Tears of Destiny, and his latest thrilling ride, Servants of Chaos.  Inspired by fantasy greats C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and modern fantasy video games he played with his brother growing up, he weaves powerful allegories into his work. J.D. lives with his wife and three amazing children, with whom he loves spending time, near a beach city not far from where he grew up.

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