“Your decisions at this very moment will shape the future of this world as well as your very own.” As light and hope grew with the ending of the Age of Chaos, so did the impending darkness with its insidious goal to bring the world of Lindoria under its evil dominion. It was the Age of Alliances where an unlikely hero and a void walker will find their destinies intertwined within the struggle between light and darkness that had slowly festered behind the safe walls of Eagle’s Haven. Join the epic struggle in…

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Joel D. Fisher was born and raised in Southern California. He began his college career at Long Beach City College, later transferring to California State University Fullerton where he majored in engineering with the hope of eventually becoming a fighter pilot. After Joel’s brother Luke died in a tragic car accident in January of 2004, he lost interest in becoming a military pilot and changed his major to math. He also transferred to California State University Dominguez Hills where he graduated and met his future wife. Joel still suffered, however, from the loss of his brother and immersed himself in video games as his escape from reality.

Video games became a major priority in his life, even to the point that his relationship with his family suffered, especially with his wife. Coming to the crossroads, Joel’s faith helped him manage his time better and save his marriage.

After receiving a breakthrough in his health, Joel felt in his heart that he should write a book and to use the imagination he had gained from playing video games. Unsure of how to start, he used some of his brother Luke’s old notes he found as a springboard to go forward. After three years, Joel finally published his first fantasy book in 2013. The main characters were based on he and his brother Luke’s personalities and conversations.

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