On a stormy summer night in 1982, twelve-year-old Pearl must accompany her midwife mother on a call to client in labor. Pressed into service as a birthing assistant, Pearl is called upon to swaddle the newborn boy and hold him in her arms. As she gazes into his face, she is drawn into what her mother likes to call a thin place – a place where the distance between heaven and earth becomes so small you can see into one from the other.

In this thin place, Pearl travels to The Baby-Catcher Gate. What she experiences there transforms her and she becomes a catalyst of change for her hometown in the north woods of Minnesota. Folks will never be the same.

The Baby-Catcher Gate is a story about the beautiful consequences of peeking into heaven. Follow Pearl’s adventure and catch a glimpse for yourself.

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Wendy Jo is a suburban housewife/business-owner/mom who is also a writer. Born into a family of educators in Minnesota, she was raised in an environment where books were plentiful and reading was a part of everyday life.

A love of storytelling drew her into the world of theater during college. She finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Washington in Seattle where she met her husband of 30 plus years. They are business owners in the Pacific Northwest and the parents of three adult children. She received a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Walden University in 2009 which she has used in various counseling and teaching settings.

In 2015, she embarked upon her journey as an author with an inspirational nudge from out of the blue. “The Baby-Catcher Gate” was her first contribution to the wonderful world of fiction, published in December of 2017. “The Agreements” is her latest work.

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