Once there was a Magnificent Artist who loved creating many things.

Wiggly things, waggly things…absolutely everything!

He used brilliant colours to create creatures that could fly, creatures that could sing, creatures that could crawl and even swim. 

But when His precious creatures believe lies whispered to them by a sneaky enemy, their colours soon fade, and they feel hopeless. Will they ever find freedom to live the life The Magnificent Artist intended? Find out in this beautifully illustrated and touching tale by Irene Prins-Murphy.

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Irene Prins-Murphy raised her three children all while running her own family child care centre, eventually opening a group preschool and out-of-school care.

In 2008, after twenty-eight years of working with children, she trained to become a health care professional, helping the elderly. But Irene’s first love of children would call her back to teach now and again, telling stories and inspiring children, especially her grandchildren, to love all that God has created. Irene resides near beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

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