“The taste of the salty air accompanied by the chaos of the seaport citycreated a sense of exhilarating adventure for the young fugitive as he boarded the S.S. Bosnia in Hamburg, Germany, in 1907. He heard talk of the brave souls who left their homeland to seek their fortunes in America and dreamt of making the trek himself one day, but fate had decided the timing for him.  On the run from an attempted burglary at the mill, he ditched his disguise and made his way to the coast. His journey would bring him to New York, where…



Moby Dick, Superman comics, and James Michener novels all filled Vicki Nelson’s “Leave it to Beaver” world in the 1950’s New Jersey suburbs. After living all over the world she then headed to the West Coast to begin a new career as a California Department of Corrections officer and correctional counselor, where she met and married a fellow officer, the love of her life and husband of 25 years, Dave Nelson.

With her passion for writing fueled by years of secrecy regarding her grandfather’s existence, Vicki’s New Jersey tenacity simply would not let her,”fuhgeddaboutit.” Her quest to find out more about this, “Mystery Man,” led her on an incredible fact-finding journey out of which her first historical fictional work, ‘Call Me Vishka,’ was born


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