Follow Daniel and his two aunts, ‘Tia Paty and Tia Evelin,’ as they
explore together life’s lessons in school, at home and in the heart. In this bilingual,
colorfully illustrated and easy-to-read story, you’ll find Tia Paty giving advice as
she cooks and crafts with Daniel, while Tia Evelin is on hand to help Daniel
manage his emotions and tough situations. In the end you will discover that the
love of family and God is, “bigger than an Argentinousaurus.” You can’t go wrong
if you follow what, Tia Decia Auntie Says.


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Author Bio

Clinical psychologist Evelin Garcia has vast experience working with children and adults with
developmental disabilities and mental disorders. With a doctorate from Azusa Pacific University
and post-doctorate from UCLA Department of Pediatrics, she holds licenses both in California
and New York. Her work is known throughout South and Central America, United Arab
Emirates-Dubai, and the United States. A frequent expert guest on international radio and
television, Dr. Garcia has spoken at events coordinated by the U.S. Embassy and United Nations
in El Salvador on depression, anxiety, adversity, inequality, and poverty. As the founder and
CEO of a psychological corporation located in Southern California, Dr. Garcia provides
psychological and neuropsychological assessment services to both children and adults. Evelin is
also author of Mamá Decía: Tú Puedes Salir Adelante, a testimony of her mother’s
perseverance, faith, generosity, and life story of overcoming tremendous adversity as an
immigrant single mother.

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