On a summer’s night from the depths of my being, I sighed this prayer, “God, don’t let me die like this.”  It was the moment I realized that what I was doing would have severe consequences. I had started down a path that would take me through the valley of the shadow of death. Oh, Lord, how did I get here?

It was the 1990’s and the Acid House Music culture was in full swing. Drugs such as Ecstasy were popular among young people looking for a party and bit of happiness. There was no shortage of beer, liquor, marijuana, and even cocaine. Everyone was looking for a good time at a DJ event or Rave in some abandoned warehouse in the industrial areas of Southern California. Booming bass sounds from the concert series subs shook buildings and could be heard far from the desolate and deserted warehouse community. At the end of the weekend, everyone had a exciting story to tell, except those who did not survive. Los Angeles in the ’90’s was a dangerous concrete jungle. Gus Recinos was one of those DJ’s caught in the House Music culture that promised a life of fantasy, but only delivered empty illusions. His amazing story of miracles and deliverance is detailed in his book, True Ecstasy: In Search of the Heart of an Entire Generation.

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Passionate to see young people transformed by the same miracle-working God whom he encountered in the underground Rave scene of the 1990’s, Gus Recinos loves today’s youth. As a minister of the Gospel, he shares the heart of the Father not only by word, but by action. Together with his wife, Tania, and their children, they are actively involved in Expression 58 Church and volunteer their time at Faithchild Ministry and Door of Hope. After his encounter with Jesus, The Holy Spirit urged Gus to proclaim the powerful message of faith, hope and love, that can only come from Jesus, our ‘True Ecstasy.’ Sharing testimonies of supernatural healing and provision along with his Kingdom stories of signs and wonders, Gus invites all to come and have their own encounter with the Living God.

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