What did you want to be when you grew up?

“From the time I was ten years old, I wanted to be an actress. And a Disney princess. What can I say? I dream big. I really thought I had a shot at both of those things. Yet disappointment derails good dreams. Harmful self-images blur the vision inside. I found myself facing the next hardest thing, time and time again, believing I deserved the pain I got until the light to unbecome broke though.” 

Jess Baker once defined herself as a teen pregnancy statistic, a barely-get-by single mother, and a postpartum sufferer. In Unbecoming Life: A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt, Jess recounts her story with a rawness and vulnerability that makes the reader feel more like a friend than a spectator. In this engagingly candid memoir, hope is found in Jess’s darkest moments and the never-ending glimmer of God’s faithfulness as she inched her way to unbecoming what the lies that held her captive told her she’d be.

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Jess Baker’s passion is to uplift and encourage everyone she meets, and she refuses to let anything stop her! As a Louisiana native, Jess carries Southern hospitality into every aspect of life: volunteering, women’s ministry, intercessory prayer, and heading up the Square Tree Publishing prayer team and weekly prayer on Facebook.

Since her first date with her husband, Shane, in 2015, they have not willingly spent a day apart. Jess places family and ministry as top priorities, and for her four children—Caden, Cali, Amelia, and Max—this means endless days at the beach in Florida where they live. In quieter moments, Jess spends time reading, writing, and studying her Bible.

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