A split-second decision nearly cost her everything.

A vibrant social butterfly, Katie Mathews was enjoying her newfound freedom as a 16-year-old. But when she and a friend chose to drive to a party, Katie’s life was changed forever.

In Unparalyzed: Shattering Limits While Finding Freedom, Katie shares her inspiring journey from a hopeless, resentful teenager who didn’t want to live, to a young woman who refuses to be limited by a broken body. Along the way, she discovered God had a new purpose for her life.

Today, Katie is a certified life coach who helps others look beyond their own brokenness whether physical, emotional, or spiritual to realize God can still shape their lives into something beautiful.

Katie’s advice? Don’t put limitations on a limitless God.

Are you living limitless?

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Katie Mathews began the journey of writing Unparalyzed more than twelve years ago. Her passion to help others live their own limitless journeys with God was ignited when she changed her “attitude to gratitude” as she dealt with the aftermath of a horrendous car crash that left her a quadriplegic.

Her initial bitterness toward God dissipated as she realized He had always been with her, even during her darkest days. And, most importantly, He still had a plan for her life—despite her broken body.

Today, Katie is thriving in her career as a certified life coach for Providence Heights and Limitless Journeys. Her desire is for all to break free from the paralysis of the mind and find freedom in partnership with God.

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