“I hate homework!” “I hate chores!” “I hate crowds in the stores!” In this playful book for kids who are quick to say “hate,” rats, clowns, baths, and bugs are all special. Wait! Wait! Don’t Say Hate! takes young readers through an insightful journey that teaches them that there is no need for hate in this world—only kindness and love.

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Darlene Desbrow is from Los Angeles, California, born and raised. She has been teaching English Language Arts special education classes in the RSP and co-teach environment for over 20 years. As well, Darlene Desbrow is an adjunct professor teaching on-line graduate and under graduate courses in the field of education. She has been married to Audie Desbrow, a professional drummer, for over 12 years. Together the Desbrows are passionate about animals, traveling, and concerts. In her spare time, Dr. Desbrow enjoys baking, reading, and watching horror movies. Writing children’s books has quickly become a new favorite pastime and she hopes there are more in her future.

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