Do you have a book already, but don’t know how to market it?

Do you want to have a Square Tree Marketing Strategy Session before writing your book?

At Square Tree, we believe your message matters!

We want to get your message out to the world.


Our Marketing Done For You Service, will save you a tremendous amount of time as we help launch your marketing strategies at the very beginning of the process. This will propel you further and faster as you begin the book marketing process, BEFORE your book is even finished.

We keep the end goal in mind as we develop the book, which will create a unified branding experience for the readers.

Square Tree Marketing Packages Include:

Strategic Marketing Session

Branding Sessions

Setting Up 2 Social Media Platforms of Your Choice

Monthly Postings on Social Media

Setting Up an Email Campaign

Creating Ancillary Products/Services with Your Book or Curriculum

Pitching Media Outlets for Guest Appearances

Once you have signed up for a Square Tree Package, you will be assigned a Square Tree Book Concierge that will lead you through every step of the process. You will always have someone to answer any questions and to be there through your journey of marketing your book.

At Square Tree Publishing, it’s all about you!

Take your first step to becoming a published author


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