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Ready to Get Your Own Book Published in as Little As 2 Months Without the Headache of Self-Publishing (or Giving Up Your Royalties)?

Your inspiring message and story can be #1 in you Amazon category, just like we have done for other authors just like you, whether you’re a first time author or a seasoned veteran!


The Publish YOU Method ®

At Square Tree Publishing, we believe that the publishing process is all about your vision for your book.

We partner with your vision to create a plan that gets your message out to the world.

Once we partner with your vision, we will design your book in such a way that it is original and stands out on the bookshelf.

We design your book to be unique and engaging to your audience, so they will read it from cover to cover.

Once your original design is complete, we strategize ways to make your book successful with the goal of hitting #1 on your Amazon category.

As a bonus, you get 100% of your royalties and you get to order your author copies without any mark up.

Our system makes it easy to publish your book professionally while still retaining 100% of your royalties. Our goal is to help you shift culture by partnering with who you are. Most publishers will take all your rights away, giving you only 5% of your royalties and editing out your voice in the process. We don’t think that is fair. That is why we created the Publish YOU Method ®. It is the most efficient and effective way possible to publish your book while treating you with honor and respect, so that you can go and shift culture.

Just imagine, in a few months’ time from now, people messaging you and thanking you for your book: “Your book changed my life”, “Your book helped me through a difficult time”, or “Your book inspired me to begin helping this group of people”. How great would that be? This can be you in as little as 2 months.

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I Am Now A Published Author

Doug Addison

Write a Book Quickly

My team and I were blessed by the work we did with Square Tree Publishing. They were great at communicating with us throughout the process on our projects and sincere in their desire to help us produce an excellent product. The Square Tree team is thorough and accurate in their review of the material and we found their experience and contributions to our publishing projects to be invaluable. I am very grateful for all they did for us.

Warren Sellers

The Journey of a Song

When I needed to get my book, The Journey of a Song – 60’s and 70’s, into an actual book form, I worked with Square Tree Publishing. They did a great job bringing my book to life – from the art design to the editing. They kept my voice throughout the book and created an original layout inside the book that has never been done before. I had a very specific vibe I was going for, and they nailed it! The people at Square Tree Publishing are professionals that truly care and made the process easy!

Yvette Salinas

Faith Leads the Way

Thank you so much to the Square Tree Publishing Team. You allowed me to accomplish my life’s deepest desire, which is to empower people to never give up in seeking God’s saving hand. Thank you for helping me in my journey to express the awareness and intimate moments of a young girl’s love for Jesus Christ and her foundation of becoming a woman of faith.

Dr. Evelin Garcia

Mamá Decía

I had a great experience as a first-time author with Square Tree Publishing. My book was in Spanish, and they walked me through the whole process making it such a great experience free of undue stress. They exceeded my expectations with their top of the line services. I never got an answering machine, always talked to someone who knew everything about my book, and the best part is that they were as excited as I was about my story. We were on a strict deadline given that I wanted to have the book published by a certain date, and I was pleasantly surprised when it was uploaded to Amazon and ready to go one month before. They gave me great suggestions but what I loved was that at the end of the day, they gave me the liberty to make the decision myself. They were upfront about their fees and process, and there were absolutely no surprises. I felt cared for, I was not stressed, and I trusted that they had my best interest at heart. I loved the finished product, I loved the process, and I will definitely use them again. They are a genuine, ethical, and caring organization where you feel cared for every step of the way. I highly recommend them.

Joel Fisher

Tears of Destiny

When I first heard about Square Tree Publishing, I was hesitant to reach out. I had just discovered my former publisher had not only scammed me, but also went out of business for dishonest practices. Having had such a negative experience and facing the daunting process of republishing my works, you could imagine my skepticism in moving forward with a new publisher. I met with Square Tree’s CEO, Sherry Ward, and explained to her my situation. I was relieved when she told me that I would keep all the rights to my books, including receiving a copy of the final edited manuscripts, something my old publisher did not do without having to pay an extra fee. It seemed too good to be true, but I decided to take a step of faith and it turned out to be one of my best decisions in my writing career. Since then I’ve republished all my works through Square Tree and couldn’t be any more satisfied with the services they’ve provided. They walked with me every step of the way from editing to the final stages of publishing. As I continue to move forward in my writings, I have so much peace of mind knowing I have a publisher I can trust!

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Frequently Asked Questions


YES! You get 100% of your royalties and the royalties will be deposited directly into your account.


YES! You will own 100% of your copyright of your book or curriculum.


It depends on how well the book is written when it comes to us and if we need to translate it. Most well written books in English will be done in close to 2-3 months.


Once you purchase a Square Tree Publishing package, you will have a Square Tree Concierge that will walk you through the entire process of editors, graphics, formatting, and publishing. You will always have someone to talk to and ask any questions that you have along the way.


Our system is set up to help new authors, as well as seasoned authors. If you want to get your message out to the world, can trust the process as we make your book look professional, value the work it takes to produce a professional book, and want to make a difference in the world, then we are the right fit for you.


NO! Your Square Tree Publishing Packages will include everything you need from start to finish for publishing your book or curriculum. We also have Square Tree Marketing Packages available after your book has been published to increase your sales.

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