“There is a kingdom inside of you,” He prophesied over me, then described Elsa from the movie Frozen, who created her own kingdom far away in the mountains.

What did that mean, a kingdom inside of me? So many unanswered questions led me to shelve this word. But then I entered a season in my life where all had been stripped away, and all that was left was me and the Lord. I sat down at the piano and started singing, There’s a kingdom inside of me, there’s a kingdom that I yet can’t see—maybe I just don’t believe it—maybe I don’t want to see it; or maybe I just fear it.” 

This is where Anna Bachmeyer’s journey began, and over the next several challenging years, she learned to embrace the process of change, inhabit the Secret Place in the midst of the crazy world around her, and Stand in the Knowing of who God created her to be. Anna shares the keys she discovered along the way and the deep love our Heavenly Father has for us all, enabling each one of us to Stand in the Knowing of His great plan.

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Influenced by Jesus Culture and Canadian singer-songwriter Amanda Cook, Anna Bachmeyer has created her own style of authentic spontaneous worship that is heart-centered, carrying prophetic depth and a compassion for the human experience. As a singer-songwriter based in Janesville, Wisconsin, music is more than a passion but a lifestyle of communication with the Holy Spirit for Anna. “I have been singing ever since I could talk. I’ve led worship or been on stage most of my life. I remember after having my first son, I borrowed this electric piano from my dad. It was out of tune, but I’d sneak into the storage bedroom to worship the Lord with whatever new chord I’d learned that week.”

From this precious and sacred space, Anna poured out to God in the form of songs, expressing every trial, pain, and joy in her life. Learning to balance performance and expression led her to pen her book, Stand in the Knowing, detailing the years long journey of embracing the process. “I’ve come a long way from that Secret Place being hidden in a storage room, just me, alone. Now I can worship and lose myself in God’s presence as my three energetic homeschooled boys play all around me. I’ve learned to stand in who God says I am, believing His reality over me.” Her journey was not without challenges, and she once found herself crammed into a house she shared with her husband, her children, and both her parents. “Every trial we face can be an opportunity to grow closer to Jesus or to ‘kick against the thorns,’ like Paul. I finally chose to embrace change and let go of the shackles.” Anna has recently released her first album, Kingdom Inside, on all streaming platforms.

Her path has not been only spiritual. “It’s been slow, but eating healthy as a lifestyle and breaking up with yo-yo dieting has been my goal. I’ve lifted weights, walked, ran, but after my miscarriage, my body stopped responding, so I had to get to the root issue. It’s more than calories in, calories out, but about hormones and gut health and so much more.”

When Anna is not singing or writing songs and books, you’ll find her learning about health, pursuing healing for herself and her family, or youll catch her in one of her favorite vacation spots with her favorite people—her husband of thirteen years and her three wonderfully rambunctious boys. Follow Anna on social media: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube: @theannabachmeyer and on TikTok: @annabachmeyer or visit her website: AnnaBachmeyer.com

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