“Have you ever worshipped with dragons before?

I have. I have also worshipped with monsters, animals, bandits, knights, mercenaries, elves, main characters, minor characters, and many more too numerous to name, all surrounding me, forming enormous concentric circles- layers within layers.

Indeed, I am the creator of this world. However, I am not the reason they are gathered together. They are gathered together for one reason only: to worship the One who breathes life into this world and yours.”

Gabriel Chen’s amazing writing journey led him to chase fame, only to see it create a hole so big nothing could fill it. In his hope-filled ‘how to’ book for writers, he shares his journey with the hope that you will avoid the traps he fell into and learn to write in an inspired and self-fulling way. Whether you’ve written one word or one million words, it’s time to learn to write the Worship with Dragons way.

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Husband, father, entrepreneur and Jesus lover, Gabriel Chen has been writing and publishing
novels since the age of eighteen in his native country of Taiwan. After his life became what he
describes as “a mess,” Jesus showed up. Gabriel now dedicates his writing and attributes his
creative ideas to divine inspiration, which led him to develop Good 7 Creator, LLC, a writing
community dedicated to helping writers learn and grow in Christ and write with the power of the
Holy Spirit.

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